Picacha enables to make a quick screenshot and share to online. Share a screenshot in just 1 click.

Grab the screen


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1 dec. 2011. The new version of Picacha 1.6

- Make thumbnails (caps, previews) of video files
- Create multi-part screenshot

How to use Picacha

About Picacha

Picacha enables to make a quick screenshot and share to online. Share a screenshot in just 1 click.

How do I use?
1. Drag your mouse to grab the screen.
2. Copy the link.
3. Share with your friends and colleagues.

You no longer need to spend time on image editing and hosting, Picacha it will do for you.
You will only to use the Picacha and enjoy.
Picacha absolutely free!

The main functions:
1) Quick screenshot - get link to a screenshot in 3 clicks.
2) Screenshot with a marker.
Before you make a screenshot you can make the necessary notes on-screen marker, and then share a link to a screenshot with everybody.
3) Multi-part screenshot
4) Create the animation from screenshots or any other images.
5) Make thumbnails (caps, previews) of video files.
6) Upload any image files.
If you want the image to always be available on the network, use this function. After uploading the images you will get a link to image permanent url on the Internet.
7) Uplading image from clipboard.

Who needs Picacha?
The program can be useful for everybody, because screenshot had to make almost everyone who uses computers.
A picture paints a thousand words!
Examples of application:
Bloggers, users of social networking, forums - will be able to instantly publish images (support BB-codes, HTML, etc.)
System administrators and programmers can quickly get a picture with a problem, bug, fault, etc. Testers of different systems can instantly create screenshots found shortcomings and failures. Such an approach would save time and quickly resolve the situation.
Designers can easily demonstrate to customers sketches, models or ready-made work.
And much more ...

Our awards:
Picacha antivirus scan report at softoxi.com